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Sally Morgan has been my designer for the past 14 years. She is so easy to work with. She listens to my ideas and then always comes up with a beautiful design. When I work with Sally on any project I never worry about the outcome. Her working style is very much from a team approach. It doesnít hurt that she is very easy to like. I constantly get compliments on our publications and I would love to take all the credit, but I canít....theyíre great because I have an excellent designer. I would and do recommend her often...she will not disappoint!

Becky Young
Marketing and Communications Director of St. Francis Hospital


Anyone that has ever worked with Sally Morgan on a creative project understands why the shelves on her bookcases and the walls in her office are crowded with awards and honors.

She couples an inborn artistic ability with an experienced understanding of old school techniques and modern technology, blending these talents with a work ethic that is always conscious of needs and deadlines.

We have worked together on two coffee table history books that successfully combined images and text. She improved the photographs and her typography attractively connected my narrative with the images. She worked closely with free-lance photographers beautifully blending their work with the story. She improved my vague design concepts and created cohesive books that told the stories of the Country Club of Columbus and Green Island Country Club. Her unusual chapter introduction pages were priceless.

Working on these books, she balanced the quirky traits of the author, the demands of club members that did not understand the creative process and the commercial printing companies that had their own expectations. She did this through her natural artistic talent and through her calm ability to get along with people. She never appeared flustered and was always prepared.

Sally Morgan knows the creative business because it is her business. She knows this community and she carefully learns the personality of her clients so that her work always reflects their needs and goals.

Richard Hyatt,
Journalist, Author and Speaker



From the first call I ever received from Sally Morgan many years ago, it was obviously apparent that she was an experienced designer able to clearly communicate her needs on behalf of her client. She has a demeanor that is instantly attractive and during that first call set the stage for a wonderful multi-year relationship which I have enjoyed, along with the variety of artists she has hired whom I represent. Her ideas were always top notch and welcomed by each artist, who found her creative direction inspiring, which made them each want to deliver their best work. Inspiring designers are rare these days. Designers that take such a huge interest in making sure that an artistís task is clearly defined and has intelligent feedback throughout the creative process is also rare. Oh behalf of my group, I can sincerely say that we feel honored every time Sally calls upon our service, as she is someone we have the utmost respect for and is a true team player who manages perfectly throughout a project. If I ever needed a designer, I would hire her in a heartbeat!

David Goldman
David Goldman Agency, NYC  •  www.davidgoldmanagency.com





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